The use of prefab and modular building systems is increasing in the construction sector, as the introduction of these elements into the workflow can bring many benefits. Which? At NIBUG we discover you


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Benefits of prefab construction

Sometimes the project that requires using this type of construction as there may be some challenges that with the traditional system could be very complicated. For example:

  • The location of the building. Many countries have paved or easily accessible roads, but there are other areas that are more delocalized or the roads leave much to be desired. So, thanks to the use of prefab building systems we can avoid many problems. They allow:
    • Prepare the elements in a workshop
    • Do not depend on the climatology of the area
    • Better working conditions
    • Reduced risk of work
    • More quality control
    • Reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere
  • The BIM workflow with modular construction. The fact is that if we use prefab elements or that just need to be assembled in the final location, there are changes during the workflow. That is, you have to choose the elements much earlier and the manufacturer, download them and start the modeling. The architecture studio and the other agents are able to make more precise decisions. Well, the BIM allows visualizing virtual reproductions of the building or making 3D models that help to correct problems or better choose the materials and, above all, reduce execution costs. BIM allows to make prefab or modular construction with more efficient workflows than in traditional construction.
  • Non-residential projects. More and more non-residential projects use prefab or modular building systems, because with BIM and modularity, more information is generated that can be of help to workers. The 2D or 3D model allows for section cuts and does not require workers to measure on-site. That is, the probability of making mistakes and that the execution time is reduced because thanks to the BIM technologies, the programs can do the calculations or analyze conflicts and solve them.


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