What do we deliver to your projects?

Less investment

Speed of execution and cost optimisation reduce the investment by up to 20%.

Swift project drafting, the automatic generation of documentation for suppliers, the use of an “off-site construction” system and its flexibility significantly reduce the capital investment in projects executed with Nibug.

Cost optimisation

The use of the new technologies and an “off-site construction” system means that costs can be adapted to customer requirements.

NIBUG defines, with industrial precision, all the elements, materials and labour needed to execute the project. The flexibility of the building system in the use of elements and materials; it is compatible with most façade enclosure systems, flooring, carpentry work and partitions. And its speed of execution makes it possible to achieve practically any cost required by the customer.

Maximum Quality Control

The technology used by NIBUG to manage its projects allows it to control each and every one of the processes. Application of the NIBUG method provides total control over all processes: project modulation and writing, production in the factory, documentation for suppliers, logistics and transport, assembly and completion of work; adapting to each country’s specific regulations.


The descriptive detail of the BIM application introduces the required safety parameters into each and every one of the building’s manufacturing, transportation and assembly stages.

Shorter execution time

NIBUG reduces project drafting and execution time by up to 50%.

As the project is constructed virtually, NIBUG automatically generates all the information needed for the suppliers, manufacturing and final assembly of the modules.

The “off-site construction” system used by NIBUG is easy and quick to manufacture.

This means that any project implemented with the NIBUG method yields surprisingly short execution times.

Project reliability

Using BIM as the cornerstone for designing the project, the modulation of all the building elements by Nibug and the collaboration-based participation of all the experts from the very first day means that projects executed with this method can reach the highest possible standards of economic guarantee and implementation terms.

Pre-construction, we build twice

As the project is constructed virtually, all the information needed for the suppliers, manufacturing and final assembly of the modules is generated automatically. This process involves viewing and identifying all the elements that are going to be involved in a site, pre-empting on-site problems and collisions.

NIBUG avoids extra costs that nobody else takes into account in the building process.


NIBUG is a method that uses reference sustainability parameters recognised by the sector.

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