On October 26th, a new day of the EBS Day took place organized by CAATEB, BIM Academy and buildingSmart Spain.

The session began with the presentation of the new edition of the European BIM Summit 2018, which aims to improve the quality and level of specialization on BIM and announced that the guest country in this edition is Germany and the German-speaking countries.

On this occasion, the session was dedicated to explaining Lean Construction by Juan Felipe Pons, who had the objective of understanding it and the concept, see the advantages to motivate about the use and awareness, as well as giving tools to implement the philosophy change in companies dedicated to the construction sector.

Lean Construction is a set of techniques, technologies, and tools are 20%. However, Lean Construction goes further and all of this doesn’t work without knowing and knowing the philosophy of Lean Construction. 80% of the company needs to know the philosophy to change the way of thinking and, above all, to change the way of facing the projects.

The main idea of Lean Construction is to eliminate activities that don’t add value. In other words, transform hidden waste into improvement.

The highlight was that Pons compared the aeronautical sector, the origin of Lean, where the error is recognized and the improvements are analyzed, investigated and implemented. In the construction sector, on the other hand, when errors occur, improvements are not analyzed and made so that they do not occur again.

The European BIM Summit 2018 will be held on 7th, 8th and 9th March.

Image source: europeanbimsummit

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