Construction 4.0, modular construction, prefabricated construction, off-site construction … many new concepts, but do we really know what they mean? At NIBUG we tell you everything you need to know about offsite construction. Take note!


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What do we mean when we talk about off-site construction?


Offsite construction is called when planning, designing, manufacturing and assembling a building in a workshop or out of what will be its final location.

Most of the elements used in offsite construction are usually fabricated in workshops and use standard measures so they can be moved to their final location more easily. For example, the factory could be located in Spain and the final location could be located in Ireland, how do we transport the elements. Easy to find a standard container like those used on boats to carry materials and construction elements. It is also true that the routes do not have to be so long, you can have the factory or the workshop near the construction site because you have to think that the impact that occurs in the territory is greater if the same citizens produce the elements Constructive

For what kind of constructions can offsite construction be efficient?

Anyone. It serves both residential, sanitary or commercial buildings. The offsite construction usually uses modular units and with them can be set a multitude of designs and buildings. The difference between modular construction and offsite is that one has the idea of being more long term. eye! Modular construction does not mean that they are prefabricated modules or field hospitals. They refer to the structures are standard measures that allow the assembly or disassembly of the structure and place it in another location.

The offsite construction also allows to introduce new techniques or construction methods: being the modules and the honeycombs made in a workshop or a factory allows the industrialization of the processes and minimize all those actions that do not add value to the work and BIM can be used during The entire process of designing, planning and managing the project, because you can know the date of installation, where is the object, …

Is it clearer? At NIBUG we can help you with your construction project.


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