In the construction sector, as in the other sectors, a transformation is also taking place. Traditional methods and techniques are being changing in order to introduce more innovative techniques and to automate processes. Do you want to know what we understand in NIBUG by industrialised construction?


Definition of industrialised construction


Industrialised construction is a building system that uses more innovative techniques and processes and in which the structural components are manufactured in a workshop, transported to the final location and assembled there. it means that in industrialized construction, the design and production processes are automated.


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What is industrialised construction?


What does it mean that we move from a “traditional” construction system to an industrialised one? When we change the processes and the way to produce the houses, the schools or other equipment that we have in mind like hospitals, residences, … there are variables that stop being it like for example:

  • The execution time: the times are reduced since the design that is used is standard and the production has been automated. Therefore the work can be done in less time. In addition, the assembly of the pieces is fast and easy, fact that also reduces the time to be able to enjoy the building.
  • Climatology: No longer do the weather  affects the construction of the building. In industrialised construction, the elements are not built outdoors but are made in a workshop, the work does not depend on whether it rains, is windy or sunny, because it is manufactured in a closed space.
  • Occupational accidents: the work environment is more controlled and the physical and environmental conditions are more favorable.
  • The sustainability of the project: Most of the work in the industrialised construction will be done a workshop and leave only the part of assembly in the final location, a fact that causes that not generate so much waste and those that are generated are losses that can be re-use. It also saves on the amount of water and electricity during manufacturing.

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