The blockchain claims to be the new revolution in the construction sector. Have you heard about the new technology? We tell you!


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What is the blockchain?


The blockchain or blockchain is, according to Alex Preukschat (consultant and author on publications related to Blockchain), is an infrastructure that allows you to build on the internet, and create another layer on which people will be able to exchange value between them.

The blockchain is the tool that will change the Internet from the information to the internet of value and is that already the banking and financial sector has been “affected”. Why? Because the blockchain affects everything that has a transaction. Each agent linked to the transaction is called the node and all of them have a copy of the transaction data and each block of each operation is linked to the others. If there are changes, all nodes are notified and who knows who has intervened and where.

So, the blockchain can be a revolution superior to what the internet has assumed in recent years, both at work and domestic level.


What is blockchain in construction?


A blockchain is a tool that will help the efficiency of the sector. So all industrial sectors and industrial processes will be affected. What will the blockchain mean in construction?

  • Eliminate processes that are not valuable and inefficient.
  • Improve the adoption of digital construction.
  • Will solve the security challenges introduced by BIM.
  • Without the protocols that the Blockchains will introduce, BIM level 3 could not be successfully completed.
  • It will allow management tools through the smartphones that can execute ERP data flows.

The goal of blockchain under construction:

  • Team design: development of BIM nive2 control, the design of information security and access to shared information, integration with COBie.
  • Manufacturing: Linking design information with manufacturing processes and tools with intelligent payments and contracts that have to track and authenticate the origin of all materials, shipping, logistics and B2B programs of goods and services linking the data of the contract with the program.
  • Construction: reducing the emission of CO2 gases through the management of logistics and delivery of materials and assembly.
  • Client: IoT security devices, the definition of BIM information introduced by third parties: security protocols, guarantees, insurance, ownership, maintenance, durability …

You already know more about Blockchain and how blockchain affects construction. In NIBUG we want to help you transform your construction project to BIM.

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